Difference between ASP.NET Web Form and ASP.NET MVC

There are some differences between ASP.NET Web Form (ASPX.CS) and ASP.NET MVC application as given below:-
1.) Model :-
  • ASP.NET Web Form uses traditional event driven model.
  • While ASP.NET MVC application uses Pattern based model. 
2.) Page Life Cycle :-
  • ASP.NET Web Form follows a page life cycle concepts.
  • ASP.NET MVC application has no page life cycle concepts.
3.) State Management :-
4.) Syntax :-
  • ASP.NET Web Form uses web forms syntax .
  • ASP.NET MVC uses some default customise syntax such as ASPX engine for  MVC1   and  MVC2 templates, and Razor engine for MVC3 , MVC4 and MVC5 templates.
5.) Control :-
  • ASP.NET Web Form uses server controls on your web page.
  • While ASP.NET MVC uses HTML Helpers for this purpose.
6.) Master Page & Layouts:-
  • ASP.NET Web Form uses Master pages for look and feel of the web page.
  • ASP.NET MVC uses Layouts for look and feel of the web page.
7.) Testing:-
  • In ASP.NET Web Form, Automated testing is more complex.It does not supports Test driven Development(TDD) testing. 
  • ASP.NET MVC application supports Test driven Development(TDD). So here  testing is quite simple.
8.) Support over HTML,CSS ,JAVA SCRIPTS :-
  • ASP.NET Web Form supports limited controls over html ,css ,java script etc.
  • While ASP.NET MVC application provide full support over html ,css ,java script etc.
9.) Good or Bad:-
  • ASP.NET Web Form is good for small level applications but little bad for large applications.It needs limited team size.
  •  ASP.NET MVC is good for large Enterprise level applications.It needs large team size .
 10.) URLs Existence:-
  • ASP.NET Web Form is a file based URLs. Means file names exist in URLs must have a physical existence in the application.
  • ASP.NET MVC application uses URLs Routing concepts. Means URLs are separated in Controllers , actions and others.It is based on Controller, not on Physical file
 11.) Open Source:-
  • ASP.NET Web Form does not follow open source concepts.
  • While ASP.NET MVC application follow open source concepts.
 12.) Design and logic codes:-
  • ASP.NET Web Form are tightly coupled models. Means Design and Logic's codes are present in one file( ASPX.CS ).
  • While ASP.NET MVC are loosely coupled models. Means views and logic are loosely coupled because views and logic's are kept in separate file. 
 13.) Interactive Application :-
  • ASP.NET Web form is strong data access model.it high weight application so it is not helpful to develop an interactive application.
  • ASP.NET MVC is a light weight application .This is best to develop an interactive application.


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