WPF Interview questions and answers part 6

1. ) What are the sibling libraries in WPF ?                                                                           
There are three types of sibling libraries in WPF.
  1.  Windows Communication Foundation (wcf)
  2. Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF)
  3. CardSpace 
2. ) Why does we use CardSpace in WPF ?                                                                            
  • CardSpace provides a common identification syatem.
  • Cardspace can be used on Desktop applications ,Websites, etc.                                
3. ) Which languages can be used  as a common medium for Designers and Developers both ?
  • XAML
  • HTML
4. ) What is difference between a XAML File and code behind file in WPF ?           
There are following differences between XAML file and Code behind file.
  • The XAML File contains the XAML Markup.
  • The Code Behind file is associated with a XAML File and contains C# or VB Codes. 
5. ) Why does we use x:Name attribute XAML in WPF ?                                                  
  • x:Name is used to allow you to uniquely Identify an instance of an object in XAML.
  • The value of this attribute can be referenced in the associated c#.
6. ) What is an attached property in WPF ?                                                                          
An attached property is a property that is declared by one control and attached to another.

7. ) What kinds of documents are supported in WPF ?                                                     

There are two types of major documents supported in WPF.
  •  Fixed format documents
  • Flow format documents
8. ) What is Fixed format documents in WPF ?                                                                  
Fixed format documents look like a PDF format.It display content regardless of screen size and resolution.

9. ) What is Flow format documents in WPF ?                                                                  

Flow format documents adjust automatically depending on screen size and resolution.

10. ) What are the types of inline that can be used in a Text Block in WPF ?           

  • Bold
  • Span
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Run
  • Line break
  • Inline container
  • Footer
  • Figure
11. ) What is difference between a Panel and a Decorator ?                                           
  • A Panel has a collection of children that arranges according to various rules,based on the type of panel.
  • A Decorated has only one child to which it applies some additional set of behaviours.


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