How to Insert ,Edit ,Update,Delete,Cancel and Print records in Data List control in

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Data List control is used to display the entire table data like Gridview and Repeater control in is a Web Form control which is used in
There are some points about Data List Control:-
  • Data List control has not a default layout like Gridview control in 
  • Data List control is converted to Html table tag on Browser side like Gridview in
  • Data List control has predefined event to add,delete,Edit,update and cancel the record.
Now i am going to make an application ,which can perform many operations.You can use this application for any organization,institute or other places by customizing it.
There are some operations which are performed in this application which are given below:-
  • Insert Data in Data List control 
  • Edit specific Data in Data List control
  • Update specific Data in Data List control
  • Cancel Data in Data List control
  • Delete Data in Data List control
  • Take Print out of Data in Data List control   

How to send Forget password from website Free

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Hi, Friends today i am going to make a Forget password Form application,so that any body can get your Forget password on your registered mail from ASP.NET website free. Previously i have made Registration and Login page Application,You can attach this Forget password page in this application.Here I have used gmail SMTP server for sending the User Name and respective password value to the registered email address.You can use your own server instead of gmail server for this purpose.It is full secure because you are sending the mail through gmail SMTP server.But for own Hosting you can use your SMTP server.The Students who are making any project they can use this service free because server space is more costly.   
There are some steps to implement this concept in your ASP.NET website.
Step 1:- First open your visual studio --> File  --> New  -->website -->ASP.NET EMPTY WEBSITE  -->OK -->Now open your Solution Explorer -->Add a web Form  -->Drag and Drop Label,Text Box and Button controls on the form as shown below:- 

How to make composite custom control and use it in windows Application

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Composite control is very important functionality provided by the Microsoft.NET.Using custom control we can make windows forms application very easily. In Custom control application we can combine multiple controls according to our requirements.We can easily merge this custom control in any windows application.There are some advantage of composite custom control.
  • Less overhead on user
  • Maximum output
  • Less time consuming
  • It provides reusability like .dll file.
  • It is fast loading time.
Suppose if you want to make 100 or more application with similar functionality then you can make composite custom control for windows application.In this tutorial ,I am going to show "How to make composite custom control and use it in Windows forms Application".It provides more benifits if you are making more application with similar functionality.

How to create captcha image without dll file in

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Captcha image is very helpful for any website.It prevent the brute force attacks on the websites.It is one part of secuity  features on the website.There are some other feature of security also that prevent the attacks on the websites.I will discuss it in any Next tutorials . Previously i have created  captcha image on the website with the help of .dll file.But now i am creating a simple randam captcha image without use of .dll file.Both captcaha generation method is fine.You can follow any method both are secured. If you want to make captcha image for our websites or others then follow the below steps which are given below:When you use this captcha application on your website then it will Work definitely .
There are some steps follow one by one which are given below:
Step 1:-  First open your visual studio 2010-->File-->.New-->Website-->select ASP.NET Empty website-->OK-->Now go solution Explorer and Add a Web Form-->And Drag and drop Label ,Text Boxes ,image and button control on the form as shown below:

How to send mail from ASP.NET Application

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Hi Friend,Today I am going to show you "How to send mail from ASP.NET Application".You can easily send the mail through your gmail account or other account to another account (  yahoo ,outlook, reddiffmail etc).In this application you can easily send mail without opening your gmail account or other account.First i will used a simple ASP.NET Application for  sending the mail. After that i will tell you how to use this mail service in our ASP.NET Website . It is secure because you are sending the mail through gmail account or other account.In this application ASP.NET 's Variable (object) holds your credential Information and pass to your mail service provider.When your mail server will validate then your message will be delivered successfully to the correct destination.

How to create setup file(.exe) with Database in Visual studio 2010

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Today,I am going to show how to create setup file(.exe) with SQL Database in visual studio 2010.In our previous tutorial I have created a setup file(.exe) without including Database in Setup File.This method  is purely different to the previous setup creation method ,But it is very easy .Remember one things ,when you install this setup to your desktop ,first install .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5 in  your machine otherwise it will give error.
There are some steps to create setup file with SQL Database, which are given below:
Step 1 : First open your visual studio -->File -->New-->Project-->Select Windows Forms Application -->OK-->and drag and drop Label,TextBox & Button control on the Form from toolbox as shown below:

How to Use BindingNavigator control in Windows Forms Application

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BindingNavigator control is  basically used for Binding the Database values to the control (Text Box,label etc.).In this tutorial ,i am going to bind  the Text Box control Data at Run time using BindingNavigator control.Here I am using Microsoft Sql server Database .You can Use any Database for this binding.
There are some steps which are given below:-
Step : 1 First open your visual studio-->File-->New-->Project-->Windows Forms Application-->OK-->Now Drag and Drop Label,Text Box and Binding Navigator control on the  Form  from tool Box as shown below:
see it:


Project on E-Post System in ASP.NET

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The E-Post office is the shopping Portal of the world renowned postal service on the Internet .
E-Post is used to send the postal service on the Internet.In this portal service, we have built many Functionality which is given below.

     1. ) Basic steps of the project:-

There are some basic steps of the project.

How to Add Controls at Run Time in .NET

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Today i am going to make a  Login Form at Run Time using C# Language.In this tutorial i will Add some controls at Run Time without Using Drag and Drop action.Which is given below:
  • Label
  • Text Box
  • comboBox
  • Button
There are some steps follow them one by one which are given below:
Step :1 First Open Your Visual Studio-->File-->New-->Project-->Windows Forms Application-->click OK.

File Handling Real Application in C#

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 Today ,i am going to make a Real Application in File Handling Using C#.You can use this Application to anywhere in your projects.All Real Time Application are made on the behalf  of this small Application. File Handling Application are mostly used in Software ,website and Automation etc. You can download full Application from bottom and Run  this on your system using Visual studio . This Application includes following features which is given below:
  • How to Find Logical Drives in Your System and Find Total and free space in selected Drive using C#
  • How to Create New Directory in your System Drive using C#.
  • How to Create Sub Directory in your system drives in Directory using C#.
  • How to Show Directory's File Details using C# language.
  • How to Copy Directory From One Drive To Another Drive Using C#.
  • How to Write contents in File using C#.
  • How to Read File from system using C#.
  • How to Find (Search)  text data from File using C#.
  • How to Append Contents to the Existing File using C#.
  • How to Rename File Name in your system using C#.
  • How to Replace Old Value to New Value from your Existing file  using C#.

How to Host ASP.NET Application on Server Free

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Hi friend ! Today i am going to tell you How to Host ASP.NET Application on Server Free. It is totally free of cost you can easily host  your ASP.NET application on the Server. You can easily configure your domain name also without any cost.You can open your ASP.NET application any where in the world.It is for testing purpose. There are some data limitation also which is mentioned on website.I have hosted many website for testing purpose.
There are some steps follow them one by one which is shown below:
Step :1 First open a URL Here -->Click Order Now -->Filled the Registration Fields-->Click Register new user and continue.
see it:

How to Host ASP.NET Website on IIS Server

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Today i am going to host a ASP.NET website on IIS Server in Window 7.Here i have used visual studio 2010.if you are using visual studio 2010 then first install .NET Framework  4.0  or  4.5 on your system.For download .NET Framework 4.5 Click here .Because  Window 7  support .NET Framework 3.5. If your using Visual studio 2008 or less then no need to install .NET Framework 4.0 . There are some steps please follow step by step which are given below.
Step :1 First install IIS Server in your system(Window 7).For Window 7  Operating system follow it.
Start-->control panel-->Click uninstall a Program-->Click Turn Windows features on or off from left hand side-->Click Internet Information Services and check all the boxes which is shown below:

How to Generate Unique Number and Store it to Database

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Hi Friends! Here i am going to make an interactive application for you.In this application i will tell you how to generate Unique Number and store it to Database(.mdf). This is very good application which is mostly used in many can also find exact person name with help of this Unique Number form Database(.mdf).In this application i have used session object to transfer values from one page to another page. In this application i have generated 12 digit Unique Number.You can change Number of Digit on the basis of your requirement.
There are some steps please follow them.
Step 1: First open your visual studio-->File-->New-->Website-->ASP.NET Empty Website-->click OK.-->Now make a web form like this which is given below:

How to make Registration and Login Page in ASP.NET

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Hi Friends!Today, i am going to make a Custom  Registration and Login Page.This is not a simple web form page.In this Form i have used many concepts.You can easily implement this concept to any where in .NET Application. In this application i have covered all things which is required in various Registration and Login Form in any  website.I am really saying to you,if you run this application on your computer then you will feel how much good it is.You can download this application from bottom and run on your visual studio.There are some controls which i have used in this application.

How can Create DLL File and Use it in .NET Application

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If there is some reusable code ,which has to be used in more than one application,instead of specify the same code again and again,we can make a DLL File. DLL can not be execute independently.
There are some steps to make a .dll file and use it in .Net Application.Please follow steps one by one which are given below.
Step1:- First open your visual studio->go File->New Project->Select class Library->Click OK.
see it:-

How to Add a Captcha Image in ASP.NET Application

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There are some steps to Add Captcha image in Asp.NET Application. You can download whole application from below link.You can easily add this captcha image to your Asp.Net Application Without facing any problem. You can add another captcha code also in any application from here.Both captcha codes will be provided full security to your application. Please follow these  steps one by one which are given below.
Step1:- First create ASP.NET page (Default.aspx) in visual studio 2010--> Now click the below link to download the captcha.dll file.
see captcha.dll file:-

How can Take Print Receipt and Save the Data in Database in Windows Forms Application

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Hi friends, here i am going to make an Application "how can take Print Receipt and save data in database in windows Forms application".This project is very helpful for your Real Time Project Development and you can achieve more knowledge from this projects. You can download whole Application from the bottom of this page.
There are some steps ,Please follow it 
Step1:- Open your visual studio-> File->Click New Project->Select Windows Forms Application  -> Select c# language from left window->write your application name->click OK.

How to Create Setup file(.Exe File) from Windows Forms Application

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This is the most important tutorial for creating the Setup File(.exe file) from windows forms application.You can easily install it any windows computers.You can use it only windows platform.
Now i am going to convert these windows forms application to the Setup File. Friends who have not read my previous tutorials please read  first this tutorial and download it, otherwise you will not understand correctly.For read the previous tutorial .

How to Insert Data in Database and Print the Grid View Data in Windows Forms Application using C#

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This is very important Application for any Web Developer.In this Application You can Easily insert data in SQL Database and Print the Grid view data in Windows form application.You can  easily make many  Application as shown below: 
  1. Library Book Submission Application.  
  2. School Fee Submission Application.
  3. Web Application. etc
  4. Take print receipt using printer .
There are some steps please follow this one by one.You can download whole Application and code from the end of the tutorials.
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