what is difference between web services (.asmx) and wcf in asp.net

I have already explained web services and WCF in more details with real life examples .Now i am going to explain,what is the difference between web services and WCF in .NET.
What is web services:-
Web Services is service which is available over the web. A Web Service is used to implement the specific functionality to Execute the business logic codes of  the application . This technologies allowed  to developer to create a specific component once (make only logic code) so that they can share it across the multiple application by multiple developers. Before the Web Services , we were using two technology which are given below:-
  • Component object model (COM)
  • Distributed Component object model (DCOM)
What is WCF Services:-
 WCF includes all these technologies functionality under a unified programming model,so that developers can easily make distributed application without  facing any problems.But developers have to complete knowledge in WCF Technology.Here How to use WCF Services in asp.net application 
There are some difference between web services and WCF Services in asp.net,which are given below:-

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