Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 6

1.) What is web services in                                                                                   
Web Services is service which is available over the web. A Web Service is used to implement the specific functionality to Execute the business logic codes of  the application . This technologies allowed  to developer to create a specific component once (make only logic code) so that they can share it across the multiple application by multiple developers.

2.) Which Technologies were using before web services in                          
  • Component object model (COM)
  • Distributed Component object model (DCOM)
3.) What are the advantage of web services over COM and DCOM Technology?    
  • Web Services are very simple in use.
  • Web Services do not carry any state information,so that multiple request can be processed simultaneously.
  • Web Services are enforcing trusted connection between the server and the client.
  • Web Services can easily use in caching feature of
  • With the help of Web Services,we can easily integrate web application with third party systems.
  • Web Services is useful in security purpose as ssl and window authentication of application.
4.) What is WSDL in                                                                                                 

 It is Known as Web Service Description Language.It is a standard used by the web service to describe what a web service can do.
WSDL is a XML-based language that defines web services.Every web service holds WSDL document that specifies the location of the web service.

5.) What are elements used in WSDL Document?                                                             
  • Message
  • Type
  • Binding
  • Port
  • Port type
  • Service
6.) What is SOAP in                                                                                                  
It is known as Simple object access protocol.It is a standard used by the web service to send the response (or request) message to the application .It is completely XML based protocol.

7.) What is DISCO.EXE File in                                                                               
It is known as the web service discovery tool,It is used for publishing and discovering web services.

8.) What is UDDI in                                                                                                
It is known as Universal Description,Discovery and Integration .UDDI includes four types of services.
  • Web service
  • Business
  • Binding
  • Specifications
9.) What is Main Features of UDDI in  ?                                                             
  • It stores the information of web services.
  • It uses W3C & IETF standards (ex. XML,HTTP,DNS etc.).
  • It uses SOAP for communication.
  • It uses WSDL to describe interfaces to web services.
10.) What are the main advantages of web services in ?                              
  • It enhance the security feature of any website.
  • It takes less processing time to calculate the logic code.
  • It can easily handle multiple request at a time simultaneously.
  • It is compatible to communicate with different platform.
  • It follows XML ,HTTP Standards.
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